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Haru no Nihongo

Let's Enjoy Speaking Japanese!

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Professional Japanese Teacher.


I offer one-on-one conversation lessons online.


We have Youtube and Podcasts for

intermediate to advanced learners.

A podcast transcript is also available.


This is a shadowing course

to improve your listening and speaking skills.

A professional Japanese teacher will

give you feedback.

Online Community

This is a community for Japanese learners.

There are various benefits such as bonus content

and a Discord community.


customer's voice

I first got to know Haruka-san through her podcast and I'm so glad I started classes with her!

Classes are always so fun and entertaining, Harukan-san has a lot of patience with me!; D
I started to learn Japanese on my own, but wanted to take my language skills to the next level.
  Thanks to her in-depth explanations, I really feel like I understand some confusing grammar points much better now. 
Haruka-san is super nice and encouraging and the fact that we can also talk about anime is really cool!
As always, thank you so much, sensei

From France

My experience with Haruka has been awesome. Each lesson is engaging and fun, and as a whole they have been extremely beneficial to my understanding of Japanese. I have been learning on my own for about a year, and she was able to quickly gauge my Each lesson is adapted to my interests as well, which makes dialogue feel relevant and exciting. She is also very kind and awesome at English as well. I would highly recommend this tutor.

From America

I'm Haruka Roshi-like podcast recognition Roshi-like. Haruka Roshi's podcast Emergency life movement, humorous topic, humorous subject, Haruka Roshi's kind and humorous method chart, very unsuccessful. By the way, about a year ago, I started the conversation section of the old master.


Yoharu Roshi Kami Nihongo Division, Comparative Upper Image 跟 Old Tomo Tomo Talk Tenyoji Ichiki, Time Unknown and Uncertain Past, After the unity of the Koji Division, the first division of the city I'm Haruka Roshi's Division Sufficiently free: The latest situation of the discussions, Haruka Roshi's affairs, I don't know what to do, and when I reach the Japanese language table, I'm the most steady Japanese language method. Gayakai Irregular Japanese lessons, for example, Nyoga's recent delightful movements, playful lessons, Haruka Roshikai's section, Dogami Waga Ikki improvement texts, Ryota Kazuma! I'm self-sufficient, Kiyoshi Nihon Ongaku, Haruka Akiyo Haruka Roshi Ikki 從 Lyrics Junior High School Japanese! JLPT-like time, I am a priest, a priest, and a confused region at the time of a mock exam. A combination of swordsmanship, learning about how to hope, and Roshi's wishes!


Roshi-like hobbies, lovers, Hiroshi, to all of you, Japanese-speaking friends, Roshi Satoshi, very entertaining!

From Hong Kong


Thank you for message!

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