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I first got to know Haruka-san through her podcast and I'm so glad I started classes with her!

Classes are always so fun and entertaining, Harukan-san has a lot of patience with me! ;D
I started to learn Japanese on my own, but wanted to take my language skills to the next level.  Thanks to her in-depth explanations, I really feel like I understand some confusing grammar points much better now. 
Haruka-san is super nice and encouraging and the fact that we can also talk about anime is really cool! 
As always, thank you so much, sensei

From France

My experience with Haruka has been awesome. Each lesson is engaging and fun, and as a whole they have been extremely beneficial to my understanding of Japanese. I have been learning on my own for about a year, and she was able to quickly gauge my ability and adapt lessons accordingly. Each lesson is adapted to my interests as well, which makes dialogue feel relevant and exciting. She is also very kind and awesome at English as well. I would highly recommend this tutor.

From America

聽了The Real Japanese Podcast,覺得自己跟はるか老師的個性蠻合得來,就來報名線上課程,因為我不喜歡針對上課這件事準備,所以也跟老師說閒聊就好,或許是因為年紀相仿且老師也會追劇、看動漫等,總是很自然就能上到時間結束,聊很多很多話題。
大家可以趕快來聽聽The Real Japanese Podcast,除了強化自己的聽力,喜歡的話也能找はるか老師練習對話等,讓自己的日文更上一層樓。

From Taiwan


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