Lesson Course



やさしい にほんご を べんきょう しましょう!



・Basic conversation


・Daily conversation(日常会話)
・Japanese keigo(敬語)



・Reading interesting articles(business, food, culture, etc)(あなたが興味のある記事を読む)

・Practicing native Japanese conversation(ネイティブの会話練習)


 We are currently accepting only free talk lessons and JLPT N4-N3 lessons.

  • 無料トライアルレッスンです。 It's fee trial lesson for 30min!

  • 楽しく、話す練習をしましょう。!テーマを決めて、30分話す練習をして、フィードバックをします。

  • JLPTN4のコースです。JLPTを受ける人だけ、受けられます。文法(Grammar)と読解(Reading)を勉強します。

  • JLPTN3のコースです。JLPTを受ける人だけ、受けられます。文法(Grammar)と読解(Reading)を勉強します。

Researching and Writing




聽了The Real Japanese Podcast,覺得自己跟はるか老師的個性蠻合得來,就來報名線上課程,因為我不喜歡針對上課這件事準備,所以也跟老師說閒聊就好,或許是因為年紀相仿且老師也會追劇、看動漫等,總是很自然就能上到時間結束,聊很多很多話題。
大家可以趕快來聽聽The Real Japanese Podcast,除了強化自己的聽力,喜歡的話也能找はるか老師練習對話等,讓自己的日文更上一層樓。

From Taiwan


Before Your Lesson


  • We basically use Zoom or Skype(基本的にZoomかSkypeを使います。)

  • Payment methods : Paypal, bank transfer or other(支払いは、Paypal、銀行振り込み、他)

  • ​Please pay in advance(お支払いは前払いでお願いします。)

  • Bank trasnfer fee is not included in this amount. Please burden this at your expense. (振り込み手数料も、お支払いをお願いします。)

  • 100% of the lesson fee must be paid, if cancellations are made or rescheduling is done 2 hours or less before the lesson starts.(当日キャンセルは、100%キャンセル料を頂きます。)​​

  • Lesson fee is including lesson preparation expense.(レッスン料金には、レッスンの準備費用が含まれています。)

Lesson Policy

 Lesson Fee​


Lessons are available in package of 1 and 8 lessons.  Package fees, set forth in the table below, must be prepaid and are nonrefundable. Each lesson package may only be used by the person who purchased it. 

Transportation Costs and 



 The instructor’s round trip transportation costs from instructor's nearest station to your nearest station will be charged to the student, and are payable at the beginning of the lesson. The cost of textbooks is separate, and not included in the lesson fee.

Schedule Changes and Cancellations.


There is no fee for changes to lesson time or location, or for cancellations, provided notice of such change or cancellation is provided to the instructor at least 24 hours prior to the time of the scheduled lesson.  If the student fails to give such notice, the lesson fee for such lesson will be forfeited.